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Coaching Packages

1:1 Coaching sessions – long term

These sessions are designed for the long term. They will be specifically designed for your business and can include a mixture of the topics below, depending on your business needs:

  • Customer awareness – Identifying your target market/ building three buyer personas/ how your customers like to buy/ where to find them
  • Mission and Vision statements
  • Goal setting
  • SWOT analysis
  • The seven Ps of marketing/Marketing mix
  • Market research, including competitor analysis/target market analysis
  • Marketing strategies which includes social media marketing/content marketing/ Search engine marketing/ Email marketing
  • Marketing tactics
  • Customer communication
  • Risk/Measurement
  • Action plan

You can choose which things you’d like to cover, or after a chat we can decide which would be appropriate to cover for your business. It depends on how long you’ve been running your business or whether you are a new start-up.

Typically, 12 sessions are booked. These can be:

  • Intensive – 12 sessions over 12 weeks – 1 session per week
  • Bi-weekly – 12 sessions over 6 months – 2 sessions per month
  • Monthly – 12 sessions over 12 months – 1 session per month

Each session lasts for 90 minutes and include handouts, checklists, presentations and workbooks.

The cost is £900 or €900. You pay a non-refundable deposit of £200/€200. The balance of £700/€700 to be paid after your first session.

Please see my full terms and conditions.

1:1 coaching one-off sessions

I also do one-off sessions. These are designed to help with a particular problem.

  • It could be that you pay to have a FB/IG review (£30/€30), and then want to talk specifically about something that has shown up – and want to talk about how to address it.
  • Social Media content for engagement
  • Goal setting and measurement
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing tactics

These are short one-hour sessions, where we cover the basics of each subject relative to the type of business you have.

The cost is £50/€50 to be paid when you book your session.

Please see my full terms and conditions.

1:1 marketing coaching

As well as the specific coaching sessions aimed at set subjects, I also offer coaching on an ad-hoc basis. This could be a one-off session to address a particular issue or challenge you are facing, or a series of sessions.

These are more bespoke, tailored for your business and situation you have. For example, I often help with creating a detailed marketing plan, so that you get your messages out to the right people at the right time. In this instance we work together to identify your target audience and how to reach them – then look at which marketing tools will best suit each job.

I have experience in copywriting, social media activity, brand awareness, SEO and reputation management. I understand consumer behaviour and customer service – all that you need to build a successful marketing strategy and action plan. This kind of bespoke service may take 2-3 sessions to complete.

One-off sessions tend to be for one hour and cost £50/€50.

Bespoke sessions tend to be 60-90 minutes and cost is dependent on how many you want to book.

Please see my full terms and conditions.

If you want to book this kind of session, please book a free discovery call.


  • You think I can instantly put your business at the top and miraculously turn your business around in a matter of weeks. I won’t – it takes time. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint and I don’t cut corners. I always ensure that I understand your business and create a good, strong marketing strategy first – then the tactics come in and you’ll see increased traffic to your website, see your social media following grow and get leads converting to sales.
  • You’re not willing to commit to your marketing. It’s not something you can hire someone to come in, sort out and disappear and everything will run smoothly. It’s an ongoing process. As your marketing starts to work and you get more customers, your business will grow, so it could come with the need for extra funds to expand…but this is a good thing!

Please read my terms and conditions for coaching sessions before you book or sign the contract. By signing the contract, you agree to the terms and conditions for coaching.