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I’m here to help your small business find success, with personalised 1:1 coaching sessions.

Starting and running your small business is a full-time job and, at times, this can be overwhelming. 1:1 marketing coaching helps you develop your marketing skills, so you have the tools and knowledge to help your business succeed.

We will work together on your priorities and unique business needs; setting goals that hold you accountable to avoid procrastination and overwhelm.

Is 1:1 coaching for you?

It is if you need help to grow your business and make more sales, or overcome specific issues that you think may be holding you and your business back. We will look at all these issues together and come up with workable solutions and an action plan, so you know exactly what to do next. Marketing coaching specifically helps you develop tailored marketing strategies that will work consistently for your particular type of business.

What are the benefits of 1:1 coaching?

  • We work together, and I have you and your business needs at the front of my mind.
  • You have someone to work with who understands marketing problems that small businesses face, and can give a detailed analysis of what you do, with tailored solutions for specific issues in your business.
  • You will get detailed strategies designed for your business and marketing goals.
  • All of my attention is on you and your business, and we can work coaching sessions to fit into your busy schedule.
  • There are no time restraints on the format and areas you want to talk about. We can work at your pace and to your needs.
  • I work with you and around what you need, so the sessions can be a one-off session, a group of four or five sessions, or can be weekly or monthly over a longer period of time. The level of coaching you choose to have is completely up to you.
  • Marketing coaching sessions are designed to help you develop your marketing skills, and give you the confidence to take over your marketing yourself.

How do I get started?

Simply, send me your details on the contact form on this website, and we can arrange a free consultation call to talk about your business and marketing needs. Alternatively, you can ring me on +33 545 31 13 86 or email me at

During your free call, we will talk about your business, what kind of marketing you currently do and what you want to achieve. Then we can book your first session, which will be tailored specifically to you, your business and your particular needs. After the call, I will send you a questionnaire to find out a little bit more, which will help me plan our sessions.

How do the sessions work?

  • The coaching sessions can be done via FB messenger video or Zoom.
  • Each session starts with a 15-minute chat to talk about what we’re going to cover.
  • The main body of the session will be addressing the issues you have, talking through problems, and how we can work together to solve them. You will go away with actions that you need to take before the next session. But I will always be on hand via email, should you need me between sessions.
  • I won’t promise you quick fixes – marketing is a marathon, not a sprint and it takes time to put strategies in place, and for those strategies to work.

There are several packages you can choose from, some of which cover specific common issues, one-off sessions as well as a longer term more personalised service.

Terms and conditions

Please read my terms and conditions for coaching sessions before you book or sign the contract. By signing the contract, you agree to the Terms & Conditions Coaching